Big Elliot chair

Light fold-up chair with great load-bearing capacity. Very wide and comfortable. Once folded it is easy to stack. The perforated top gives breathability to the seat and back. It also facilitates drainage in case of rain.

Code: IC008X001A -NWW
EAN: 8436539304630
Color: White
Item size: 50.9 x 50.3 x 80.6 cm / 20" x 19.8" x 31.7”
Packaging size: L52.70 x W19.05 x H100 cm / L20.75” x W7.5” x H39.37”
Net weight: 3.95 kg / 8.69 lb
Gross weight: 17.63 kg / 38.79 kg
Maximum recommended weight: 250 kg / 550 lb